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TeachingMy teaching philosophy is to encourage students to understand economic fundamentals and how they apply in real-world contexts. I challenge students to question their understandings and assumptions as they apply economic principles, whether in academic scholarship, to current events, or to business issues. The goal is to develop sound economic thinking in whatever sphere the individual is working.

I currently teach at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I teach Agribusiness Management Strategy (AGEC 4971/7971) and Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation (AGEC 4990/7990), which are the capstone courses in the Agribusiness Management and Agricultural Economics degrees, respectively. I teach the second-semester advanced microeconomic theory class in the PhD program (AGEC 9042). I also teach an MBA/MS/PhD level course on the Economics of Transactions and Contracting (AGEC 8520), which is included as a finance elective in the Crosby MBA program and an elective in the MU School of Law’s tax law concentration.

I have previously taught graduate courses on the economics of institutions and organizations, the economics of agribusiness organizations, the economics of agribusiness markets and networks, and corporate finance; and undergraduate courses on the agricultural marketing system, microeconomic theory, and antitrust economics.

In addition to my resident instruction at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I have also taught short graduate courses or seminars at Agricultural University-Plovdiv in Bulgaria; Central European University in Budapest, Hungary;  Universidad Santa Maria in Guayaquil, Ecuador; and University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

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