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Some Tips For The College-Bound

Some Tips For The College-Bound published on

So you’ve bought the tv, refrigerator, microwave, and futon. You have your new laptop and you’ve ordered your textbooks. You’ve filled out your government-subsidized student loan forms, contacted your 529-plan administrator, or just straight-up wrote a check for your fall tuition bill. You’re ready to embark on your college career. Here are some tips on how not to have wasted all that effort, courtesy of the USA Today College edition online:

1) 6 Things You Should Say To Your Professor — Yes, your professor wants to hear from you, and wants to know you care and take responsibility for your own education. And yes, the personal interaction does make a difference come the end of the semester. So when you communicate with your professor, do so wisely.

2) 5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Professor — Like I said, when you communicate with your professor, do so wisely.

3) 5 Things To Remember When Emailing Your Professor — When visiting face-to-face isn’t possible for whatever reason, you may have little choice but to use email. You wouldn’t believe the negative impression you can make via email. Don’t do it.

4) Your Guide To Surviving Group Projects — Group projects can be a pain; dealing with slackers, relying on others to get their work done well, etc. But life is full of group projects. That’s why we assign them. The people whom you hope will hire you almost universally want you to be able to work in a group setting. If you’re in my AGEC 4971 class this fall, I suggest you take this post to heart.

There are many other tips to be offered and each professor is a little different, but I don’t think you can go wrong if you follow the suggestions above.


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