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Regulating The (FTC) Regulators — TOTM Symposium

Regulating The (FTC) Regulators — TOTM Symposium published on

My colleagues at Truth on the Market are hosting a blog symposium today on the topic of regulatory restraint. From Geoff Manne’s introductory post:

Last month, FTC Commissioner Josh Wright began a much-needed conversation on the FTC’s UMC authority by issuing a proposed policy statement attempting to provide some meaningful guidance and limits to the FTC’s authority. Meanwhile, last week Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen offered her own take on the issue, echoing many of Josh’s points and further extending the conversation. Considerable commentary—and even congressional attention—has been directed to the absence of UMC authority limits, the proper scope of that authority, and its significance for the businesses regulated by the Commission.

There is a great line-up of participants and the symposium is sure to spark some interesting debates and insight. Definitely worth following for the next couple days.

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